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Title: Orlando
Author: Virginia Woolf
Finished: August 11
Pages: 192
Publisher: Wordsworth Editions Ltd.
Publish Year: 1999

Such a strange biography of Orlando who appears to be a legend among the people. Orlando was a very strange character and became even more so to me after the transformation halfway through the book, but seeing the struggle of change over the years and the difference between how men and women act is prevalent throughout the entire story. Also the desire to change back or be someone you no longer are plays a key role throughout the biography.


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Jack and Jill

Title: Jack and Jill
Author: James Patterson
Finished: August 11
Pages: 466
Publisher: Warner Books, Inc.
Publish Year: 1196

Jack and Jill was a very good story that takes on a person nature to anyone in the US and especially now with a presidential election coming up, addressing that issue of assassination, but also the very vocal nature of those who are caught up in political scandals. The entire book had a very political feel to the nature of serial killers and wanting to be in the spotlight no matter what. Patterson gives Cross even more in this story having him working two high profile cases while trying to keep his family safe and the president safe at the same time. I loved the ending as well, bringing the first three books full circle and definitely leading into the fourth book, Cat and Mouse.

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