Weekly Geeks #22

This week, every participant gets to choose one of the previous Weekly Geeks themes to repeat. I think it’ll be a lot of find seeing what everyone chooses. It’ll give me an idea of what the most popular themes have been, and it’ll give everyone else a break from seeing almost identical posts on the blog of all the WG participants. And of course it gives you the flexibility of choice.

Exceptionally simple instructions!

1. Browse through the previous Weekly Geeks posts.

2. Decide what you’d like to repeat.

3. Do it!

4. When you finish, come sign the Mr Linky with the url to your specific post, not just your general blog url.

5. Don’t forget to check out what other Weekly Geeks chose.

Since I joined late in the game, I decided to choose WG #9 – Challenges to organize what I have going on, since I feel like I have a lot left to figure out.

For 2008:

2008/2009 Crossovers:

2009 Projected Challenges:


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