Flowers for Algernon

flowersforalgernonTitle: Flowers for Algernon
Author: Daniel Keyes
Finished: November 7
Pages: 216
Publisher: Harvest Books
Publish Year: 1959
ISBN: 0156030306

It’s been a very long time since I read this, so I don’t really consider it a re-read.

It’s such an amazing story. Charlie was born with mental defects and a group of scientists arrange for him to have a surgery they believe will make him smarter. It is an amazing journey of a man who knew so little and was always happy, becoming smarter than even the doctors without understanding how or why things are.

Charlie’s intelligence increases at such a rapid speed he can’t keep up with the progress and becomes confused as to why certain things are the way they are. It takes courage for Charlie to finally stand up to the people who have treated him terrible in the past and show them that he has been a human being all along, with feelings, and they have been treating him only as a test subject.

The emotional roller coaster Charlie faces increases as he learns that maybe the operation only has a temporary effect and he may return to his previous mental state, or even worse.

Absolutely loved this book.



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6 responses to “Flowers for Algernon

  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve heard of this book of course but never stopped to read what it was about. It sounds interesting!

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  3. karla

    awww i love the movie it’s such a wonderful movie & story everyone in class loved it when we saw it …i really,but really love this movie …best movie ive ever seen ..

  4. honda

    This is the BEST book i have ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. angel

    I love this book. I found it laying on the table in my house and decided to read it at my sisters basketball practice that day. Once engeged, the book and I became inseperable. I feel it is one of the most interesting and touching stories I’ve ever read. Thank you Daniel Keyes! Please continue to write I’d love to read many more books by you.

  6. nellie

    i’m reading it for schoola nd i’m absolutl in love with it

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