Booking Through Thursday – Treat & Generosity

btt2 It’s a special two-for this week. And since I’ve been lacking in the BTT department, I’m going to fulfill
both of them.

What is the best book you ever bought for yourself?
And, why? What made it the best? What made it so special?

I like to think that every book I buy for myself is special in it’s own way. I can’t think of one specific book that jumps off the shelf that has more meaning than another.

I bought a few classics as the Library book sale that I think of as more special because they have the smell that I think needs to come with all books. Almost like new car smell. it resonates in the brain, meaning the book must be extra special because it has that scent. I bought Gone With the Wind which not only needs to be a book everyone owns, but also a movie everyone owns.

I also feel that when I complete a series by purchasing every book that will make it special, or every book written by a certain author, will also be special.

Do you give books as gifts?
To everyone? Or only to select people?
How do you feel about receiving books as gifts?

I usually end up giving at least a couple books as gifts for Christmas. My mom and I are both big readers and usually have the same taste, so she always ends up with at least a couple books. This year one of my sisters has become more interested in reading and has asked for suggestions so she will be getting a book or two I’m sure.

I’m not selective in my book giving, only if I find one that strikes me or if it is a specific on a wish list.

AND I love receiving books as gifts. If all I got were books and movies I’d probably be the happiest person on earth.



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3 responses to “Booking Through Thursday – Treat & Generosity

  1. I wish I would get more books too!! My answer is up.

  2. I love to get a book for a gift. If it’s one I’ve never heard of, I consider it an invitation to explore. If it’s one I’ve drooled over, it’s a treasure. If it’s one I already have, I can return it for one of my choice. A gift certificate means a fun future shopping trip!

  3. I have bought great books. I have also bought trash from book sales. It works both ways, does it not?

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