Pop Goes the Weasel

n47903Title: Pop Goes the Weasel
Author: James Patterson
Finished: March 9, 2009
Pages: 423
Published: 1999

The fifth book in the Alex Cross series. This time around Alex is fresh off the Mr. Smith killings and looking for some down time with his family and new love. But of course, this isn’t a perfect world and he is immediately pulled back into a series of strange and brutal murders of local young female prostitutes, all naked and without ID. When the murderer starts targeting well know people, Alex is determined to find how they are all connected, as the threats on his family increase.

This was a good Cross book. I love how they all flow so nicely together. Alex becomes a stronger character in each one and his love of Christine and his children is more apparent than ever before.

The next in the series will probably be hot on the heels of this recent read, as a cliffhanger looms over my head.

*Challenges: A-Z Challenge, 999 Challenge, 50/100+ Challenge, RYOB 2009, Series Challenge 3, TBR Challenge, Winter Reading Challenge



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