Tortilla Flat

n17132Title: Tortilla Flat
Author: John Steinbeck
Finished: March 19, 2009
Pages: 207
Published: 1935

One of Steinbeck’s earliest novels, before East of Eden, tells the story of a group of men who go against the grain of society in everything they do, drinking and playing in life after the war has ended but before prohibition begins.

This was a very interesting book, one I probably won’t read again. Unlike East of Eden, I never fully grasped or go into the story of these men and felt that most of the time it was jumping all over the place and never settled. I couldn’t come to understand the men or even get to know the characters very well. I was never pulled deeply into their lives or felt the sympathy that Steinbeck was trying to get.

It’s possible that this story was just so different from East of Eden, and too close after finishing that, that my expectations were high and I felt disappointed. On another note, it was a very quick read and I was glad I had that experience, but it wasn’t my favorite Steinbeck by far.

*Challenges: John Steinbeck Challenge, 50/100+ Challenge


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