Naked in Death

naked-in-deathTitle: Naked in Death
Author: J.D. Robb
Finished: March 23, 2009
Pages: 306
Published: 1995

My first J.D Robb book, stepping out of my zone a little bit with a brand new author. I wasn’t disappointed.

First of all, I was little thrown finding that the story takes place in a futuristic plant Earth, but I soon became accustomed to the ways of the story and their lives and started wishing that we lived like that now.

I really enjoyed the character of Eve and the slow reveal of her back story as it pertained to her case and her relationship with Roarke.

The first of the In Death series, Naked in Death, is about a chain of murders of legalized prostitutes in a very particular manner. I found the story very interesting and kept changing my mind as to who I thought the killer might be.

With this book as the beginning, I can only imagine what the rest are like. I’ve heard great things about the series so I will be adding it to the ever growing pile and continue on the journey with Eve Dallas.

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