Dead Until Dark

dead-until-darkTitle: Dead Until Dark
Author: Charlaine Harris
Finished: March 28, 2009
Pages: 292
Published: 2001

This may have been one of the books I was most excited to get to this year, especially after watching the complete season of True Blood earlier this month.

First off, it’s hard to say which I like more, because while the story is pretty much the same, the TV show seemed more fleshed out than the book. Sookie and Bill’s relationship seemed more intense in the show than in the book, but Sookie in general seemed like a different character and her relationships were different.

Dead Until Dark, which a lot of people are familiar with, is about a waitress in Bon Temps, Louisiana, named Sookie Stackhouse. She’s telepathic, which means she can read minds. Vampires have been coming “out of the coffin” more recently since the creation of Tru Blood, a synthetic blood drink, and Sookie sees her first while working.

Book 1 tells the story of Sookie and her budding relationship with vampire Bill much to the dislike of her friends, all the while a killer is on the loose with the intent of killing Sookie for fraternizing with a vampire.

Even though I think I think the TV show better, the book was still very enjoyable and quick to read. I can’t wait to pick up number two.

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4 responses to “Dead Until Dark

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  2. I just finished this book yesterday and put up my review this morning.. I am half way threw book 2 already and I am not disappointed. When I first started reading this series at the beginning of book one I went into total Twilight flashback mode and had to remember what book I was reading. But when the book got going and it go more ‘mature’ I totally fell in love with it and this series has taken the place of Twilight for me.. I can not wait to watch the series on TV. I would love to start from season one..

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