Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (Volume 2)

1593072945.01.LZZZZZZZTitle: A Dame to Kill For
Author: Frank Miller
Finished: May 4, 2009
Pages: 206
Published: 1993

The second volume in the Sin City series. Of course, I rewatched the movie after only reading the first volume so I had a better heads up when reading the novels.

A Dame to Kill for focuses more on Dwight and his chance of survival, especially after the surprise ending of Volume 1.

I almost enjoyed this one a lot more and the character of Dwight just might be my favorite so far. Frank Miller is a visionary, that I can tell so far, to tell a story and intertwin different characters, overlapping stories and creating a really interesting turn of events that eventually includes all the people he’s created.

Challenges: 100+ Challenge, 999×2 Challenge


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