Bloggiesta – Update #3


Well, no more reviews just yet but my browser is getting bombarded with tabs which means I had to sort through and get rid of some, which means, taking part in a challenge.

I followed the Book Lady‘s advice and cleaned up by Google Reader feed. It wasn’t too disorganized but I went and added some new sorting and categorizing instead of everything just all over the place. I did get rid of a few blogs that either don’t exist or I’m not interested in anymore, or that were even duplicates. That was a fun quick exercise.

Not sure what I’m doing next, but I just might finish my current book, Cold Mountain, before I continue.



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2 responses to “Bloggiesta – Update #3

  1. You are doing awesome! I like to go through my feedreader every once in awhile and get rid of blogs that no longer update. Like you said, it’s a good exercise.

  2. its so funny–up until this challenge I thought it was natural for everyone to have their blogs subcategorized into specific tabs by Blog Author/Blog Topic/Skim or Read though I’m glad I do have all that figured out (I have about 100 blogs I follow! and that’s just on Blogger that I friended…let’s not talk about the ones I haven’t friended that aren’t on blogger…)

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