Bloggiesta – Update #6


In a short amount of time I got a lot of little things done. I have found that this has given me a chance to make my blog a little more active and eventually eventful.

In the past hour I:

  • updated my LibraryThing reviews
  • Added a currently reading and up next box to my sidebar
  • Added a weekly events box to the sidebar to be updated soon
  • Wrote a new post to publish another day involving a new perpetual challenge I created for myself
  • updated a key page (my TBR list) to look more alphabetized and organized

I’m heading back home so by the end of the challenge I hope to:

  • decide whether or not I want to join the Sookie Stackhouse challenge
  • create a baking post that will reoccur on my personal blog
  • review Lipstick Jungle: Season 2 and Dexter: Season 2
  • review at least 10 new releases and at least some of my January 09 viewings
  • go through starred items on google reader

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One response to “Bloggiesta – Update #6

  1. Great job! Keep it up! :D

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