Sookie Stackhouse Challenge

graveHosted By: Beth Fish Reads
July 1, 09 – June 30, 10

I’ve been debating since I first heard about this challenge, if it would even be worth it to start since I have been on a Sookie kick for quite some time, but after lots of thinking, I decided to join and read the remaining two books, plus all the short Sookie stories and other Southern Vampire shorts that Charlaine Harris has written.

Here’s the full list, only what I read after July 1 will count but I wanted to keep a running list regardless:

  1. Dead Until Darkread in March 09
  2. Living Dead in Dallasread in May 09
  3. Club Deadread in June 09
  4. Dead to the Worldread in June 09
  5. Dead as a Doornail read in June 09
  6. Definitely Deadread in June 09
  7. All Together Deadread in June 09
  8. From Dead to WorseJanuary 14, 2010
  9. Dead and GoneJanuary 16, 2010
  10. Dead in the FamilyMay 9, 2010
  11. Fairy DustJanuary 16, 2010
  12. Dancers in the Dark – read March 11, 2010
  13. One Word Answerreread January 16, 2010
  14. Tacky – read February 26, 2010
  15. Dracula Nightreread January 16, 2010
  16. Gift Wrapreread January 16, 2010
  17. LuckyJanuary 16, 2010
  18. Bacon – January 16, 2010

A Touch of Dead (which I believe is all Sookie/SV shorts) comes out before the end of the year, in which case it may bring all those extras into one simple book, plus bring me current with everything. And who knows, maybe I’ll just start all over once I finish and read them all again.



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3 responses to “Sookie Stackhouse Challenge

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  2. Thanks so much for joining in. You’re ahead of me in the books. I hope to get all the shorts read too.

  3. Theo

    Already read the 9 books and a couple of stories in the past 2 weeks and a half :) Great books

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