Bloggiesta – Round Up


I haven’t had a chance until now to do my wrap up post for this weekends BLOGGIESTA! It has been a busy couple of days but I’m finally getting around it.

My biggest goal was to write some movie reviews and catch up. While I wrote 18 reviews of movies and TV shows, it was nowhere near close to what I wanted to write. I can’t imagine how many I had to write but I never realized how long it would take to write them and how bored I may get doing so.

Overall I completed:

  • Movie/TV Reviews: 18
  • Book Reviews: 2
  • Mini-Challenges: 3 (Bookish Ruth, Book Lady, Beth Fish Reads)
  • Updated challenge pages for 2 reviews
  • Updated my LibraryThing reviews
  • Added a currently reading and up next box to my sidebar
  • Added a weekly events box to the sidebar to be updated soon
  • Wrote a new post to publish another day involving a new perpetual challenge I created for myself
  • Updated a key page (my TBR list) to look more alphabetized and organized
  • Officially signed up for the Sookie Stackhouse Challenge, with some of my own rules
  • Created a new event at my other blog – Baking 101
  • Cleaned up my starred items in google reader – pretty much all that’s left are articles involving True Blood and I’m too tired to read them all
  • Rejoined the Weekly Geek group – here

It feels like a lot and a little all at the same time. I’m always pretty on top of things with my book blog so it was more for fun. I think I only spent about 8 hours or so playing around with things so not nearly as much time as other people. Hopefully next time I will be more prepared.



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3 responses to “Bloggiesta – Round Up

  1. sdechantal

    Wow…. you had fun with the challenge! I did too. I reall enjoyed looking at the participants blogs and seeing what they did during the challenge and seeing the beautiful blogs. Love the colors in yours!

  2. Good job. YOu did TONS

  3. 18+ reviews! Wow. I’m totally impressed. Sorry that I’m so late in leaving a comment. I’m thrilled that you participated in Bloggiesta! Can’t wait to do it again.

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