One Word Answer (short story)

c11858Title: One Word Answer (part of Bite)
Author: Charlaine Harris
Finished: July 6, 2009
Pages: 24
Published: 2005

One Word Answer is one of the first short stories that Harris wrote to accompany the Southern Vampire Series, about Sookie Stackhouse, included in the short story compliation Bite.

In this particular short story, Sookie finds out the fate of her rarely mentioned cousin Hadley who ran away years ago and who Sookie has had no contact with. I never realized how important these short stories could be until I started book 5 of the series and felt like I had missed a key part to the entire series.

For anyone who has recently started the series, or is interested in doing so, I highly recommend picking up at least this little tidbit before starting book 5 or you may feel at a loss much like I was. While this is the first short I have read, I am going to definitely try and make it a priority in my reading to include these along with the main books.

Eventually I would like to read the entire Bite compilation, but time does not permit me to do so at this time.

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7 responses to “One Word Answer (short story)

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  3. Isabeau

    Yes! I felt cheated. I don’t think it’s cricket to publish segments of the canon outside the regular books.

  4. Walt

    It should be read before book 6. It is “Definitely Dead” (book 6) that refers to this short story. I don’t understand why so many folks place it before book 5.

  5. Nan

    because in the inside cover, they’re all in order, except 5& 6 are switched >.< which made me read a few chapters of the wrong book before I thought hang on…

  6. mattk

    Thank you!!! I thought I was going crazy. I just kept flipping through the earlier books thinking, “Wow, did I miss an entire book, what gives????”

    Awesome…. of course now I gotta find this story somehow :)

  7. Sara

    Glad I’m not the only one who felt as if they must’ve missed an entire book. I’m half way through book #6 and will get a hold of this short story before I keep reading the rest of 6 and the series. Thanks!

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