swimsuitTitle: Swimsuit
Author: James Patterson
Finished: July 4, 2009
Pages: 393
Published: 2009

The newest mystery release by James Patterson is a murder mystery that just seems unsolvable. Ben Hawkins is an ex-cop, turned reporter, who is sent to Hawaii to follow the story of a missing swimsuit model, only to find that the killer has larger plans in store, and nothing is predictable.

Everyone once in awhile I find that Patterson’s books become too predicable and it’s not easy to figure the story out. Except this time we never really know who the killer is, and we keep guessing around the corner along with Hawkins and the other characters. It was a very quick read and at times I wished I had even more pages to read because the story was so intriguing.

While I love books that Patterson writes on his own, I enjoyed this one as if he had no partnership with another author to create it. You don’t have to be a Patterson fan to love this one.

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