Batman: Year One

300px-batman_-_year_one_cover_aTitle: Batman: Year One
Author: Frank Miller
Finished: July 26, 2009
Pages: 97
Published: 1988

The first in Frank Miller’s Batman series. This is the first Batman graphic novel/comic I have read, but from the storyline and others opinions, it appears to be the Batman series that relates most closely with the newest movie series.

Batman: Year One focuses on the beginning of Bruce Wayne as Batman, but the focus is more on Gordon than on Batman himself, as Gordon tries to solve crimes and catch the new masked avenger. The ending is much like the ending of the film, Batman Begins, and there are many similarities.

I have another in the series that I am looking forward to reading, but I’m not quite sure the exact order they are supposed to be in, so hopefully there will not be any confusion.

This was a great introduction to Batman, from the eyes of great creator.

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3 responses to “Batman: Year One

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  2. Hi, nice blog! I just wanted to say that, as a Batman fan, I’m so glad you liked Year One. Miller was the first writer to focus more on Gordon, and make him more of a human entity than the policeman who just tells Batman where the crime scene is. I think Gary Oldman does a wonderful job translating that to the screen.
    I highly recommend Batman: The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb; it’s the graphic novel that The Dark Knight was based on :)

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