n48181Title: Decked
Author: Carol Higgins Clark
Finished: August 10, 2009
Pages: 230
Published: 1992

My first Carol Higgins Clark book, and the first in her mystery series about Regan Reilly.

I was expecting more than I got out of this new mystery series, probably because I’ve read so many, but while I thought it would be focused on this new character of Regan, it involved so much more. It almost felt like someone elses mystery more than hers.

Decked is about an investigator who goes to a school reunion in Europe only to find an old schoolmate was murdered. Now she has to chaperone a woman on a cruise back to the states while trying to figure out one big mystery. However, in my opinion, the book was more about a cruise than any sort of mystery. Some parts had me confused as to what my main focus should be on, and often times there were so many characters it was hard to follow them all.

I’m hoping to read more from the series so maybe they start to pick up after we learn more about the character.

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