Five Days In Paris

n58353Title: Five Days in Paris
Author: Danielle Steel
Finished: August 4, 2009
Pages: 291
Published: 1995

My first Danielle Steel book, surprisingly, and it wasn’t too bad. Five Days in Paris is about a corporate married man who goes to Europe for testing on a new product that will revolutionize chemotherapy, only to find himself drawn to the wife of another guest.

It was an easy read and for the most part pretty predictable as to what the characters were going to do, except as I got closer to the end I worried that the happy ending may never happen. Steel did a great job creating an extensive background for not only her main character but even the supporting ones along the way, all the while maintaining a first person point of view. Pretty impressive.

I did however, get a little bored in the beginning wondering when the point of the book was going to start. There was so much background for half of it before all of the main plot started that I worried the ending may be a little rushed, but somehow she pulled it off. I’m sure I will end up reading more Steel in the future but as of this book, I’m not incredibly hooked yet.

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