James Patterson Challenge

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Yvonne at Scorates’ Book Reviews is hosting the James Patterson Reading Challenge. She writes:

Since I love James Patterson’s books so much – even books other than the Women’s Murder Club series – I decided to host one more challenge. This is for anything written by James Patterson. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have quite a few of his books in my TBR.

The goal is to read at least 10 books by this author from August 15, 09 – August 15, 10.

I’m hoping to read more than that, and maybe even catch up on all of them, but I have almost 30 left to go, including all those getting ready to be released in the near future.


  1. Big Bad Wolf
  2. London Bridges
  3. Mary Mary
  4. Cross
  5. Murder of King Tut
  6. Double Cross
  7. Cross Country
  8. Dangerous Days of Daniel X
  9. Daniel X: Watch the Skies
  10. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

I may end up substituting out but these are my first priorities.


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One response to “James Patterson Challenge

  1. Great list! I read Honeymoon and loved that one! Maybe next year I’ll do an Alex Cross challenge. I have yet to read any of those, but I have them.

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