Big Bad Wolf

big bad wolfTitle: Big Bad Wolf
Author: James Patterson
Finished: September 1, 2009
Pages: 390
Published: 2003

The next installment of the Alex Cross series, continues to develop and continuing with previous storylines, bringing Alex Cross more to life than ever before. This time around Alex is starting his new adventure in the workforce, facing corporate pressures and family struggles, while remembering that he may never be out of danger.

Alex is on the hunt for an unknown group of men who apparently selling and buying white women into sexual slavery. Meanwhile, a surprise visitor rocks Alex’s world like never before.

I’m starting to enjoy the series more and more, and look forward to the next edition, leading up to the latest release, Alex Cross’s Trial.

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9 responses to “Big Bad Wolf

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  3. kristenh09

    This sounds like a good read. I’ve only read a few James Patterson’s books since I started last year: Along Came a Spider, Run For Your Life, Swimsuit, 1st to Die and 8th Confession. I’ll be picking up Alex Cross’s Trial this week and will blog it later this month. I have more books in read in both series.

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