REVIEW: Mary Mary

maryTitle: Mary Mary
Author: James Patterson
Finished: September 9, 2009
Pages: 308
Published: 2005

I’m on a roll with the Alex Cross series. With Alex having finished his latest serial case, he’s finally on a decent vacation with his family. But you can always anticipate what is coming up next, when Alex gets called to check out a homicide in Los Angeles.

But one murder mystery turns into more as the rich and famous start to die under tragic circumstances. It becomes the case that tests Alex’s family the most, causing rifts between all the loves of his life.

Alex is forced to make choices that compromise not only the case but his personal life, which could leave him unemployed and without family.

This may have been one of my favorites so far. Lots of mystery and intrigue, different from some of the others, but a great combination of the storylines.

*Challenges: 999 Challenge, 100+ Challenge, Countdown Challenge, Series Season 3, James Patterson Challenge



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