REVIEW: Lady Chatterley’s Lover

lady chatterleyTitle: Lady Chatterley’s Love
Author: D.H. Lawrence
Finished: September 28, 2009
Pages: 358
Published: 1928

A classic, banned book that took me awhile to finish but when I finally did I felt successful and had a whole new understanding about the story and the reasoning behind it.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover is about a woman whose husband is an invalid and to escape from her unhappy marriage she falls into sexual relationships with various men, one longer than most, and finds that it’s just not that easy to forget your problems and run away.

It was extremely intriguing but not recommended for everyone. It’s very racy, includes crude and vulgar language and references. It would be like watching a rated R film without violence but all the sexual aspects.

If you have no boundaries, it was a very interesting story and while it took some time to get used to, I found myself curious as to the end result and what would happen to Lady Chatterley and the people surrounding her.

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