REVIEW: Murder of King Tut

james_pattersonTitle: Murder of King Tut
Author: James Patterson
Finished: October 17, 2009
Pages: 332
Published: 2009

This is the first nonfiction book I’ve read by James Patterson, and for the most part it hardly even felt like it. Patterson does such an amazing job telling the story, you almost feel like you’re reading another Alex Cross novel, and not a true story.

The Murder if King Tut tells the story and history of King Tut, the man who found him, and Patterson’s quest for writing the story and proving Tut was murdered.

The time span is amazing, covering thousands of years through turmoil, life and discovery. I never had a huge interested in mummy’s and kings and tombs, but after reading this it makes me want to travel the world and see the amazing artifacts that were found, not to mention the mummy itself.

I hope to see Patterson writing similar types of nonfiction in the future as they keep the audience captivated telling all different angles of the story in a quick and easy, unboring way.

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