REVIEW: Double Cross

Double_Cross_PattersonTitle: Double Cross
Author: James Patterson
Finished: November 5, 2009
Pages: 389
Published: 2007

I’m getting closer to finishing the Alex Cross series, or at least catching up. Each mystery is its own, and often times you can just pick one up and not need the back story too much.

In Double Cross, Alex finds himself hunted by two killers – one new and one extremely familiar. He’s also got a new love that brings him back into the mix. It seems like this book jumps in time some, Alex has been working at his practice for some time, not solving crimes but helping people through their issues. When he finds himself back at a crime scene with his detective girlfriend old memories start flooding back and he finds how much he really misses it.

I loved this mystery because at some times it was hard to determine which killer was doing what, or if there was a trick somewhere in there and I kept second guessing. I like Alex evolving, his children growing, and he’s starting to find what really matters after a change in his life.

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