REVIEW: Cross Country

44-8Title: Cross Country
Author: James Patterson
Finished: November 8, 2009
Pages: 322
Published: 2008

As if Alex Cross’s life couldn’t get more difficult just as he’s decided to start solving crimes again, a series of brutal murders, worse than anything he’s ever seen, becomes person and forces Alex Cross to sacrifice more than any other time.

Entire families are being killed, not only in the states but in other countries, and they all like to the Tiger, the more ruthless killer. Alex decides it’s his responsibility to travel across the world to try and catch the killer, but he appears to be the only one who really wants to be there. All authority wants Alex out of the country and going home, but not before he almost loses his life a half a dozen times.

Back home, Alex finds his worse nightmares are starting to come true and has to dig deep to find the truth behind the Tiger.

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