2nd Annual Bloggiesta Starts Today!

The 2nd Annual Bloggiesta is starting now. Hosted by Maw Books. This 72 hour event will be a great opportunity to catch up on blog renovations and other items. Of course, I am working today so it’s hard to tell how much time I will be able to spend working on my blog.

Never fear – I will find things to do. For starters, my 2009 and December review posts have not even been started or posted. That is my first goal.

After that I will review my blog and start my list of items. I’m thinking of some of the following:

  • Blogroll with favorite bloggers
  • Add all social marketing links
  • 2009 Review
  • December Review
  • Challenge Update
  • Go through TBR list and those not added in
  • Set reading and blogging goals for the year
  • Clean up sidebars

A more detailed list to come.



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2 responses to “2nd Annual Bloggiesta Starts Today!

  1. Great list! I look forward to seeing what you accomplish. Good luck!!

  2. I need to update my Blogroll as well. I have a lot of different blogs I frequent now then I did 6 months ago when I began.

    Have a lot of fun with Bloggiesta!

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