REVIEW: Dead and Gone

Title: Dead and Gone
Author: Charlaine Harris
Finished: January 16, 2010
Pages: 312
Published: 2009
Format: first edition

The 9th book of the Sookie Stackhouse series. This time around Sookie finds herself caught between all the members of the supernatural world when the weres decide it’s time for them to come out much like the vampires did. When tragedy strikes, Sookie and friends find themselves unsure as to who they can trust and who they can blame.

I enjoyed this book very much. Harris reveals so many good details and brings Sookie even closer to my favorite character. Without giving away too many details, Sookie finds herself torn between her freedom and security and Eric regaining his memory. Plus, he’s been keeping a secret that may be putting Sookie’s life in danger all over again.

I hate that I am now all caught up and have to wait five months until the next book comes out. I just might have to start re-reading them and watching the TV show just to get by.

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