REVIEW: Twitter Power

Title: Twitter Power
Author: Joel Comm
Finished: February 15, 2010
Pages: 240
Published: 2009
Format: First Edition

This was an amazing and fun book to read – all about Twitter – how to use it, abuse it, lose it. Pretty much anything you might want to know about Twitter is in this book. I took so many pieces of valuable information from it, in addition to what I already knew.

Joel Comm does an amazing job of introducing Twitter, as if to someone who’s never used the product. And while I have been a user for awhile now (both personally and professionally), I still found his tips to be very helpful – even if only for the future. Comm explains the process, the steps one should do prior to writing your first Tweet. He gives great visual examples of everything he talks about, not only from his own Twitter feed but from others.

Then, Comm goes into applications and additions you can use with Twitter to further your knowledge. This is one area that I loved the most – I wrote and tagged so many bits and pieces to try out I can’t wait to get started. Finally, at the end of the book Comm gives you the steps to dominate Twitter in 30 days, followed by a list of great Twitters he recommends.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s still new to Twitter, thinking about joining, or just wants to see what else might be out there for them in the Twitter world.

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