Mini-Challenge #5

The next mini-challenge for the hour is hosted by Write for a Reader. The goal is to figure out the titles of the following books missing a word. Should be fun and difficult.

Here are your titles:
  1. The Dark _____ The Dark Tower
  2. An _____  _____ Girl
  3. The Lost _____ of _____ May _____
  4. Necessary _____
  5. She’s So _____ to _____
  6. _____ Over Toccoa Fireworks Over Toccoa
  7. _____ Dead Club Dead
  8. Scones & _____ Scones & Sensibility
  9. All _____ Things
  10. Beautiful _____
  11. _____ to Dream
  12. The _____-_____ Waves
  13. I Kissed a _____ and I _____ It I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It
  14. Prophecy of the _____ Prophecy of the Sisters
  15. Very _____
  16. The Girl Who _____ from the _____ The Girl Who Fell From the Sky
  17. Marriage and Other _____ of _____ Marriage and Other Acts of Charity
  18. Making _____
  19. _____ Cat
  20. Letters to My _____ Letters to My Daughters

Well, that was harder than I thought and probably means there are plenty of books out there that I have no idea about and should look into. Can’t wait to see what the final complete list is.


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