Mini-Challenge #6

Michelle at Literally Speaking is hosting a challenge this hour about the first book you fell in love with:

As a child, and even now, my favorite book would be The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear. My mother read it to me every night and before I could read I could recite the entire book by looking at the pictures. I have shared this book with every child that means something to me. Most recently, my God daughter, who like me can now recite the book (with hand motions) and she is not even three.

As far back as I can remember I have read Sandra Brown’s romance novels, before she started writing my mystery style. Some in particular I have read multiple times is Love Beyond Reason, Tiger Prince, and the Texas! series. I could read multiple of her books over the course of the day – much like a read-a-thon. As of late, I have fallen madly in love with the Southern Vampire Mysteries and find myself re-reading bits and pieces of Dead Until Dark, Club Dead, and Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris. I am eagerly waiting for the next book to be released next month.

Literate Housewives is also hosting a challenge this hour. All you have to do is answer a few short questions:

  1. What steps did you take to ensure you’d be able to read as much as possible today?
    I cleared my schedule, made sure I didn’t make any other plans, had it on the calendar early, and got lucky that it fell between other busy weekends.
  2. Of those steps,  which proved to be the most beneficial to your day?
    Getting lucky. I have been extra busy as of late and the last read-a-thon I was working and unable to read as much. I think by telling the people that needed to know (family and close friends) I was able to avoid any complications.
  3. Is there anything you might do differently next time?
    Not as of yet. It has been an amazing, positive and successful read-a-thon so far – probably my most successful yet.


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2 responses to “Mini-Challenge #6

  1. I have never come across that book, but it looks cute! Thanks for participating!

  2. I’m so glad that you’ve had a lucky readathon so far! Thanks for playing along!

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