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Vampire Series Challenge – COMPLETE

Hosted by Miz B
January 1 – December 31, 2010

This was a pretty quick and easy challenge. I choose Level 2 which was two more books from a current vampire series. I went beyond that a read three since that was how much I had left to read in the Sookie Stackhouse challenge. This was lots of fun!

Level Two: Vampire Addict ~ Choose either to: reread 2 vampire series books you’ve already read; OR read 2 more books from a vampire series that you’ve already started reading. For example: if you’ve already read books 1 & 2 of the “Twilight” series, now go and read books 3 & 4. OR, if you’ve already read the whole “House of Night” series by P.C. Cast, go back and read 2 of the books from that series.

My List:

  1. From Dead to Worse
  2. Dead and Gone
  3. Dead in the Family

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Sookie Stackhouse Challenge – COMPLETE


Hosted By: Beth Fish Reads
July 1, 09 – June 30, 10

I loved this challenge! I had read the first 7 books before the challenge began, which left me with 3 complete books, the short novel complication book, and all the other Sookie short stories. I had a great time finally catching up and most of all finishing the most recent book to complete the challenge. These will definitely be books I will revisit over the course of years and as the tv series progresses.

  1. Dead Until Darkread in March 09
  2. Living Dead in Dallasread in May 09
  3. Club Deadread in June 09
  4. Dead to the Worldread in June 09
  5. Dead as a Doornail read in June 09
  6. Definitely Deadread in June 09
  7. All Together Deadread in June 0
  8. From Dead to WorseJanuary 14, 2010
  9. Dead and GoneJanuary 16, 2010
  10. Dead in the FamilyMay 9, 2010
  11. Fairy DustJanuary 16, 2010
  12. Dancers in the Dark – read March 11, 2010
  13. One Word Answerreread January 16, 2010
  14. Tacky – read February 26, 2010
  15. Dracula Nightreread January 16, 2010
  16. Gift Wrapreread January 16, 2010
  17. LuckyJanuary 16, 2010
  18. Bacon – January 16, 2010

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REVIEW: Dead in the Family

Title: Dead in the Family
Author: Charlaine Harris
Finished: May 9, 2010
Pages: 311
Published: 2010
Format: First Edition

It has been a long time coming it feels like since a Southern Vampire Mystery has been released and the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse could continue. I’m not sure what my expectations where before starting to read but I heard that there wasn’t the type of action in this specific book as there were in previous ones. I loved it!

The main focus of Dead in the Family is – of course – family. Sookie is struggling to recover from the Fae war and the loss of friends and family. She relationship with Eric is strained as she tries to become her former self. All varieties of supernaturals enter her world when the weres want to use her land and unknown faeries are nearby.

Eric gets a surprise of his own when his maker and brother suddenly make and unannounced visit causing even more turmoil in his relationship with Sookie.

I loved the parallels and patterns of this book, and the simplicity of life that revolves around family issues. I am very curious as to what she has in store for Sookie, Eric and the rest of the characters in the next book and more. I’m finding it’s not very difficult to jump between the books and the TV show when there are so many differences.

*challenges: sookie stackhouse challenge, countdown challenge, series challenge, 1010 category challenge, ryob challenge, twentyten challenge, 100+ challenge, vampire series challenge, may 12×12, pub challenge, cozy mysteries challenge

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48 Hour Book Challenge Coming Soon

MotherReader posted this very informative update on the 48 Hour Book Challenge. I can’t remember if I joined in this last year, but if I did I don’t think I was very successful. I look forward to being able to get some good reading in for the challenge.

  1. The weekend is June 4–6, 2010. Read and blog for any 48-hour period within the Friday-to-Monday-morning window. Start no sooner than 7:00 a.m. on Friday the fourth and end no later than 7:00 a.m. Monday the seventh. So, go from 7:00 p.m. Friday to 7:00 p.m. on Sunday… or maybe 7:00 a.m. Saturday to 7:00 a.m. Monday works better for you. But the 48 hours do need to be in a row. That said, during that 48-hour period you may still have gaps of time in which you can’t read, and that’s fine. (In the middle of the three different challenge weekends I’ve had to go to work, attend a ballet recital, and drive for a Girl Scout event.)
  2. The books should be about fifth-grade level and up. Adult books are fine, especially if adult book bloggers want to play. If you are generally a picture book blogger, consider this a good time to get caught up on all those wonderful books you’ve been hearing about. Graphic novels can be included in the reading. One audiobook can also be included in your time and book total.
  3. The top three winners will be based only on time commitment, not number of books. So if you are heading into the 30+ hours club or 40+ hours club, track your time carefully. International winners may be given gift cards instead books due to mailing costs, unless a U.S. address is provided.
  4. It’s your call as to how much you want to put into it. If you want to skip sleep and showers to do this — and some people do — go for it. If you want to be a bit more laid back, fine. But you have to put something into it or it’s not a challenge. Twelve hours is the benchmark for winning prizes.
  5. The length of the reviews or notes written in your blog are not an issue. You can write a sentence, a paragraph, or a full-length review. Up to you. The time spent reviewing counts in your total time.
  6. New last year: You can include some amount of time reading other participant’s blogs, commenting on participating blogs and Facebook pages, and Twittering about your progress (remember the #48hbc tag!). For every five hours, you can add one hour of networking. This time counts in your total time.
  7. On your blog, state when you are starting the challenge with a specific entry on that day and leave the link to that post at the Starting Line post at MotherReader on June 4th (via the trusty Mr. Linky).
  8. When you finish, write a final summary that clearly indicates hours — including partial hours — you spent reading/reviewing/networking, the number of books read, and any other comments you want to make on the experience. It needs to be posted no later than noon EST on Monday, June 7th. Also, check in at the Finish Line post on MotherReader that will be posted Sunday and please link to that post from your final summary post.

As it gets closer, I’ll look at my stack and decide what I want to focus on and what challenges need my immediate attention.

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Thriller/Suspense Challenge – COMPLETE

Hosted by: Book Chick City
Timeline: 01 Jan 2010 – 31 Dec 2010

It’s been awhile since I completed a challenge so I was very excited to finally check one off the list. I loved this challenge but next year will have to increase the number I should since I flew through this challenge.


  1. Heartsick by Chelsea Cain
  2. 1st to Die by James Patterson
  3. Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain
  4. The Killing Circle by Andrew Pyper
  5. Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain
  6. Glory in Death by J.D. Robb
  7. E is for Evidence by Sue Grafton
  8. 2nd Chance by James Patterson
  9. Angels Flight by Michael Connelly
  10. 3rd Degree by James Patterson
  11. 4th of July by James Patterson
  12. 5th Horseman by James Patterson

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April 12×12 – COMPLETE

This month is hosted by One Persons Journey through a world of Books.

I didn’t have a problem completing my April goal with the Read-a-Thon landing in the middle, but I’m enjoying these little challenges every week. I had a couple more to add but they were re-reads – even so I was pretty impressed, especially since May has been the slowest reading month ever.


  1. The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien
  2. The Day I Shot Cupid by Jennifer Love Hewitt
  3. The Hidden Staircase by Carolyn Keene
  4. The Bungalow Mystery by Carolyn Keene
  5. The Mystery at Lilac Inn by Carolyn Keene
  6. Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume 1 by Stephenie Meyer
  7. Tarantula by Bob Dylan
  8. The Secret of Shadow Ranch by Carolyn Keene
  9. The Secret of Red Gate Farm by Carolyn Keene
  10. Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien
  11. In Odd We Trust by Dean Koontz
  12. Linchpin by Seth Godin
  13. Fish! By Stephen Lundin

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REVIEW: 5th Horseman

Title: 5th Horseman
Author: James Patterson
Finished: May 3, 2010
Pages: 447
Published: 2006
Format: paperback

The fifth installment of the Women’s Murder Club has Lindsay and crew searching for a killer who may not even be there. When a wrongful death suit brings attention to a local doctor and hospital accused of killing otherwise healthy patients by prescribing the wrong medication, suspicion is thrown on everyone.

To make matters worse, Yuki’s mom is recuperating in that very hospital and no one can decide if their fear is rational or not. Lindsay and the WMC find themselves searching for answers that are hard to find while the clock is ticking away and worry of another dead patient.

Plus, the long distance relationship between Lindsay and Joe is starting feel the strain and compromise their future.

I’m starting to get into familiar territory with the books and what I remember more. I know there’s some good juicy stuff coming up and I’m anxious to finally get to the 9th Judgment.

*challenges: women murders club challenge, countdown challenge, 1010 category challenge, ryob challenge, thriller/suspense challenge, 100+ challenge, cozy mysteries challenge

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