REVIEW: 3rd Degree

Title: 3rd Degree
Author: James Patterson
Finished: April 11, 2010
Pages: 368
Published: 2004
Format: hardback

Still working my way through a complete re-read of the Women’s Murder Club before starting the latest, 9th Judgment, and for the Women’s Murder Club Challenge.

Book 3 is a pageturner from the very beginning, and becomes one of the most prominent books of the series as major plot points occur in this book that effect the rest of the series.

Lindsey begins to think her friend Jill is having problems in her marriage when some unexplained bruising shows up, but before she can really find out the truth, a bomb goes off in a nearby building and Lindsey puts her life in danger to try and save any people inside.

All roads lead to destruction and disaster when a missing baby leads her team to a nanny service and the truth of Jill’s marriage finally comes out. While Jill suffers, Lindsey finds herself suddenly drawn to a homeland security officer who pushes her limits on romantic relationships.

I loved book 3, but I love the series more. It just keeps getting better and better, plus the introduction of Joe is amazing.

*challenges: women’s murder club challenge, countdown challenge, 1010  category challenge, ryob challenge, thriller & suspense challenge, 100+ challenge, spring reading thing, cozy mysteries challenge

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