REVIEW: Password to Larkspur Lane

Title: Passoword to Larkspur Lane
Author: Carolyn Keene
Finished: May 24, 2010
Pages: 175
Published: 1933
Format: Hardback

Nancy’s latest mystery has her searching for the owner of a bracelet that has been snuck to a doctor while visiting a secret compound.

Something is fishy as Nancy finds a pigeon with strange markings and soon links it to a hidden house with some big secrets. It’s a world of mysteries for Nancy when she rescues a young girl only to find out her grandmother has been missing, and the initials on the bracelet become the clue to finding the hidden house and the missing pigeons.

This was a very interesting stories with lots of twists and little clues from all different areas that slowly lead Nancy to finding out the truth … but not before risking her life again.

*challenges: 1010 category challenge, a-z challenge, support your local library, 100+ challenge, nancy drew challenge, what’s in a name challenge, spring reading thing, may 12×12

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