REVIEW: Who Moved My Cheese?

Title: Who Moved My Cheese?
Author: Spencer Johnson
Finished: May 24, 2010
Pages: 95
Published: 1998
Format: Hardback

Adapted to a very cute cartoon film, this popular film has been used all over the world as a learning/teaching tool for employers.

Who Moved My Cheese? blends a real life example of a group of old high school friends who reconnect and begin discussing their work and personal lives. One brings up this amazing story he heard about two mice and two men who were searching for the perfect “cheese”.

Part two of the book tells the story of the two little mice and the two little men who run out of cheese and have to begin searching their maze to find more cheese. Each has their own personality and method to searching for the new cheese that makes them unique.

This simple story helps every person come to realize why type they are and both their strengths and weaknesses in this short little tale. It was so much fun and great to read. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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