48 Hour Book Challenge – Day 1

Well, it’s been the first 24 hours of the book challenge for me, and I haven’t accomplished much.

Books Finished: 1 – Immortal in Death
Time Spent Reading: 5 1/2 Hours

Yesterday I quit earlier than normal because I was so tired from the work week. I managed to finish one book and nearly complete another. Today while driving around I got through three chapters of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix via audiobook and then a few pages of The Girlfriend’s Guide to Understanding Men on an e-book.

My plans have changed for tomorrow so I will have the next 24 hours completely free to read and I hope to get through 2-4 more books before my challenge ends.

First goal of then night – finished The Sign of the Twisted Candles by Carolyn Keene.



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2 responses to “48 Hour Book Challenge – Day 1

  1. Yeah, sometimes we have to adjust our reading plans. But a whole free day sounds like something pretty workable! Happy reading!

  2. Please check in at the Finish line post so I can count you for donations and prizes. Thanks.

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