REVIEW: The Girlfriend’s Guide to Understanding Men

Title: The Girlfriend’s (Gay Friends) Guide to Understanding Men
Author: Bo Sebastian
Finished: August 24, 2010
Pages: 148
Published: 2010
Format: first edition, e-book

I’ve had this earlier review e-book for quite some time and finally pushed my way through it. It was fun read here and there, lots of good tidbits, but I have a feeling it’s not exactly the same book that was being released to the rest of the world.

This book is almost a Sex and the City guide book for women and how to avoid dating the wrong men, bad situations, and even friendship advice. It’s very similar to other books I’ve read about dating, but written by a gay guy there was a definitely different spin to the whole thing which was quite fun.

Overall, quick and fun read.

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One response to “REVIEW: The Girlfriend’s Guide to Understanding Men

  1. Gabriel

    Nice post! Really liked!

    Men are simple. It’s really easy to understand us, all you need is right information. And, by understanding males and knowing what men want women to know , you can become an irresistible lady.

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