REVIEW: Eleven on Top

Title: Eleven on Top
Author: Janet Evanovich
Finished: August 25, 2010
Pages: 310
Published: 2005
Format: first edition

This may have been one of my favorites. For awhile I was thinking that Stephanie was never going to change and the books would all be the same, but this past week I became so addicted in finding out and catching up that I just can’t get enough of them.

In this latest book, Stephanie quits her job as a bounty hunter in search of something safer. Except when someone from her past starts to stalk and threaten her, she begins to wonder if maybe being a bounty hunter would be better suited at this point.

Plus, there’s the never ending battle between Morelli and Ranger which as much as I love Joe, I can’t seem to hope that Stephanie has more than just her one night with Ranger to keep us all happy.

I was wondering through this specific book if something might throw a wrench into Stephanie and Joe’s relationship when Ranger offers her a job in his office and the two begin to spend even more time together. Between the three of them, multiple jobs and lots of near death experiences, Stephanie finds it harder to lean on just one of her men and not both.

Loved it! Couldn’t put it down.

*challenges: monthly mixer mele, series iv challenge, stephanie plum challenge, ryob challenge, 100+ challenge, august 12×12 challenge

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