REVIEW: Twelve Sharp

Title: Twelve Sharp
Author: Janet Evanovich
Finished: August 27, 2010
Pages: 339
Published: 2006
Format: paperback

This was another amazing book that tested the relationship between Stephanie and Morelli. When Stephanie is confronted by Carmen, a woman claiming to be Ranger’s wife, Stephanie isn’t sure if she’s more scared, pissed, or jealous of the current predicament.

Furthermore, Ranger disappears, an Amber Alert is released for the kidnapping of a young girl – Ranger’s daughter, and soon Ranger is wanted for more than just one crime. No one can find him and Stephanie begins to worry that there’s more to the story than anyone knows, even Ranger.

I loved this specific adventure because it put Stephanie working directly with Ranger, adding tension to their already confusing relationship. It wasn’t long before Stephanie began to question who meant the most to her … and in the end we find she can actually make a heartfelt decision (with some secrets attached). This book was probably the one that showed Stephanie growing up the most and not her normal self.

But yet at the end, you’re still left wondering. Loved it even more than Eleven on Top.

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