REVIEW: Exploiting Chaos

Title: Exploiting Chaos
Author: Jeremy Gutsche
Finished: November 2, 2010
Pages: 271
Published: 2009
Format: first edition

Our latest work book club choice. This amazing book defines 150 ways to be creative, innovate and have fun which keeping your business in the  game when times change or the market is tough.

It was so much fun reading and even more fun discussing all the different areas that are covered. Gutsche takes famous companies and compares them to their competitors during serious changes in the business.

He begins as early as the typewriter, when Smith Corona ruled the innovation and how inevitably their unwillingness to fully adapt to the world and the beginning of computers ended up sending them under.

Overall Gutsche covers five areas: Strategy, Culture, Trends, Innovation, and Marketing – all things that every company needs to take into consideration as times change and new ideas come into play.

There were so many great stories, comparisons and ideas that I look forward to going back through the entire book multiple times to inspire myself.

*challenges: monthly mixer mele, 1010 category challenge, new author challenge, ryob challenge, 100+ challenge, november 12×12 challenge, countdown challenge

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