REVIEW: Late, Late at Night

Title: Late, Late at Night
Author: Rick Springfield
Finished: October 17, 2010
Pages: 320
Published: 2010
Format: first edition

When I was in New York in early October, I was doing some last might shopping and taking in of the city before I had to catch my plane and stroll by a Barnes & Noble to see a line of women forming out the door. Turns out Rick Springfield was in Manhattan for a the signing of his brand new memoir.

While waiting in line I started reading this fantastic and very brave story Springfield tells. Starting from early childhood, Springfield takes the reader of a journey through his life, finding music, starting bands, and the beginning of the bad habits that will follow him forever.

It’s hard for anyone, let alone someone in the spotlight, confess all their sins in print form and let everyone read it. Springfield takes a big risk in laying out all his faults and bad things he’s done for everyone to read – from drugs to cheating on his girlfriends/wife.

I really enjoyed this story, hearing the other side of fame and struggle. Rick Springfield had his first major break before I was even born, so much of this story was unknown to me, and even now much of what you hear is so distorted. It’s the real truth and even after reading the book, I still enjoy Springfield and his accomplishments.

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