REVIEW: Finger Lickin Fifteen

Title: Finger Lickin Fifteen
Author: Janet Evanovich
Finished: November 14, 2010
Pages: 308
Published: 2009
Format: First Edition

I’m almost finally caught up with the Stephanie Plum series, and I am very eager to take a break after reading have the series quickly over the past year.

In this latest book, Stephanie finds herself in the OFF position with Morelli, which hasn’t happened in a very long time. Some of their differences and the seriousness of their relationship starts to take a toll and they are at a crossroads.

This puts Steph in a very precarious position as Ranger knows she is suddenly available and doesn’t make it a secret how much she wants it to stay that way. In the meantime, Lula witnesses a murder that had her running for her life and moving in with Stephanie.

Many disasters follow as Lula tries to track down the murders by entering a BBQ contest. It wouldn’t be a Stephanie Plum book without some botched captures and steamy scenes with Ranger. After reading the ending of this one, I can only hope Stephanie is near adulthood and her future.

*challenges: fall into reading, series IV challenge, stephanie plum challenge, ryob challenge, november 12×12 challenge, countdown challenge

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One response to “REVIEW: Finger Lickin Fifteen

  1. You know, I just had 16 from the library and could not bring myself to even open it. I think I’m finally done.

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