REVIEW: Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk

Title: Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk
Author: Carolyn Keene
Finished: November 21, 2010
Pages: 180
Published: 1940
Format: Hardback

Book seventeen is about Nancy and her friends on a trip across the world when they meet a new friend and find a mysterious trunk has been delivered to their cabin that doesn’t belong to any of them. More than that, there appears to be more than just the mystery surrounding the trunk, but their new friend who is accused of committing a crime she didn’t commit.

This was definitely an adventure and probably the closest Nancy has come so far to death in the series. When they come across the truth about the stolen jewelry, they all become targets of this mysterious man and his cohorts.

*challenges: fall into reading, colorful reading challenge, november 12×12, nancy drew challenge

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