REVIEW: Smash Cut

Title: Smash Cut
Author: Sandra Brown
Finished: November 27, 2010
Pages: 367
Published: 2009
Format: First Edition

I have been waiting to get to this book since the day it was released and I’m so glad to have finished it.

When a brutal and unexpected murder takes place in an elevator, no one is above suspicion in the Wheeler family, most of all the nephew of the deceased who makes no qualms about wanting the family fortune without having to work for it.

Julie Rutledge finds herself in the midst of all the chaos of the wheeler family and under suspicion as well as she was with Paul when he died. The only person who can’t be blamed for the death is the attorney who is hired by the Wheeler Family to make sure their best interests are represented.

Derek Mitchell finds himself at a crossroads when his professional and personal judgment is compromised and he is unable to represent anyone without casting doubt and suspicion at every turn.

I loved this mystery and can’t wait to read her other most recent books.

*challenges: fall into reading, 1010 category challenge, books to read before i die, november 12×12, countdown challenge

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