2010 Unfinished Challenges

Well, this was a record year for me in not finishing challenges. I think I got overly excited about some and signed up for more than I could handle. I think having spent half of 2009 unemployed helped with my reading and 2010 I was so busy that reading got set aside more than I would have liked.

With that, instead of doing a post for each challenge I didn’t finish, here’s a recap and links to my original lists.

1st in a Series 2010
One of my favorite challenges and I missed completing it by one book! I’ve already signed up for 2011 and look forward to getting started.

2010 Mini YA Challenge
I had fun with this one as well the past couple years, but my reading was focused more on adult books and Nancy Drew than it was on YA. I’m still thinking about rejoining for next year since I have a lot on my shelf, so stay turned. I read 7 out of 12 required books.

Books to Read Before I Die
I loved this challenge and I still had a hard time completing it. Too many challenges stopped me from picking up 9 books off the list. I think this is  shorter version of Project Fill in the Blanks which I have until 2014 to finish so I might stick with that challenge for the time being.

Colorful Reading Challenge
I think this one was over my head  to begin will and I constantly struggled with finding books I really wanted to read at the moment that fit the categories. It was still a fun idea and I may try it out again later.

30 Books to Movies
I think I joined this one later, or maybe just didn’t have my heart into move books as much as I had hoped. I still managed to read 21 out of 30 books and had fun doing so. Watching the movies was great fun as well.

What’s in a Name 3 Challenge
I don’t think I participated in any of these in the past so I thought I would give it a try in 2010. It was fun and I missed completing it by 1 book. I don’t think I’m joining in the 2011 challenge but maybe in the future again.

Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge
I loved this challenge! So many books on the list are sitting on my shelves or I’ve been wanting to read. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to most of them and barely made it through 9 books from my list before the challenge ended. I still had fun and I’m planning on joining in 2011 with a shorter list.

2010 A-Z Challenge
I have become a big fan (even though I had a hard time finishing) of the A-Z Challenge. I like the diversity and seeing letters crossed off as I go. I’m going to work on finally completing my first challenge of this in 2011 so hopefully I can find those hard letters.

New Authors Challenge
I didn’t had a hard time finishing this on in 2009 so I up’ed my number required for 2010 and I think that was just a little too much hoping for. I managed 38 new authors out of 50 and plan on participating again in 2011 with a smaller amount.

Here’s to hoping I complete more challenges in 2011 than in 2010!!


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