REVIEW: Witches of Eastwick

Title: Witches of Eastwick
Author: John Updike
Finished: December 21, 2010
Pages: 343
Published: 1984
Format: audiobook

This book was nothing like I expected and a vast difference from the movie, which I love.

The Witches of Eastwick is the story of three women searching for something perfect in their lives, without knowing, bringing a mysterious man into town who they soon find with cause them more harm than good.

It was a very strange book, only for those with an open mind. It’s my first Updike novel and I’m glad that it was my first since I was familiar with the story and could follow it without wondering where Updike was headed. Although there were moments where I wondered what his finale plan was, and struggled with the differences between book and movie, I still found myself intrigued by the lives of the characters, where they were heading and what their future would hold for them.

It was very enjoyable and I look forward to reading more of his works.

*challenges: books to read before i die, new authors challenge, a-z challenge, 30 books to movies, december 12×12, project fill in the blanks

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