REVIEW: Unbearable Lightness

Title: Unbearable Lightness
Author: Portia de Rossi
Finished: February 20, 2011
Pages: 308
Published: 2010
Format: First Edition

This is another one of those books I reserved immediately after it was released and never got a chance to read it the first time I had it. Ever since watching “Ally McBeal” I have been intrigued by Portia de Rossi and she seemed like a quiet soul and not much was said about her.

It was a very interesting book to read, to hear the struggle and wonder how someone can overcome such obstacles or even how they begin. I found myself learning a lot from her experience and how the human brain can trick us into thinking things and feeling that just because someone says something we don’t have to take it so literal or to the extreme.

I love how the book covers everything for the beginning to recovery and does not leave any details out and shows that despite the most dire of circumstances, goodness and happiness can come out in the end.

I very much enjoyed this book and the openness and candid nature in which Portia de Rossi bares it all for everyone to read.

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