Title: Life
Author: Keith Richards
Finished: March 19, 2011
Pages: 564
Published: 2010
Format: First Edition

There’s one bad thing about the library rules and how you can only have a new release for 14 days …. a book as big as this takes much longer (at least for me).

No matter how interesting a non-fiction book is, a memoir nontheless, it seems to take longer to read than fiction due to you actually believing what is being said, and not allowing you to run off to wonderland.

I started reading Life around Christmas and time went to fast. After putting it back on hold at the library, it took nearly three months for it to become available again.

I was very glad to be 100 pages in already (and remembered what they were), and powered through the adventure known as Keith Richards life! It was a very interesting read, definitely felt like it was Richards talking and telling stories, and full of all sorts of mysteries and secrets about the Rolling Stones that I never knew …. back before the paps were around and celebrity magazines were talking about everything.

Very much enjoyed it, more the second time than the first 100 pages. Great life story.

*challenges: new authors, 100+ challenge, support your local library challenge, 11 in 11 challenge


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