REVIEW: Postcard Killers

Title: Postcard Killers
Author: James Patterson
Finished: March 24, 2011
Pages: 423
Published: 2010
Format: First Edition

Sometimes it’s hard to read a stand alone Patterson book after being so involved in some of his series, but this book started off strong and just keep on going until the very last page.

Not only were there infinite twists and turns, I kept second guessing my choices and wondering every time if I was right or wrong.

When a reporter in Europe receives a mysterious postcard followed by a graphic photo of a murder scene, all signs point to an international serial killer who not only gets its kicks with teasing the press and the cops, but is not afraid of all the publicity, daring them to try and him them.

One detective, who has followed the killers from the states, finds himself too close to home and trapped between finding his daughter’s killer and justice.

Thrill and intrigue follow him through towns and countries, relying on unlikely sources and help to try and stop the murders before someone else is killed.

Very good story.

*challenges: mystery and suspense challenge, 100+ challenge, a-z reading challenge, support your local library challenge, james patterson challenge, 11 in 11 reading challenge


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