Title: Toys
Author: James Patterson
Finished: June 7, 2011
Pages: 364
Published: 2011
Format: First Edition

A very interesting new story from James Patterson that goes into the future and shows us a world where humans are being replaced with “robotic” humans who are enhanced in every way conceivable …. babies are grown in test tubes, super strength, speed and agility, plus toys that are more humanlike than ever before.

A new take on the future but still very intriguing and interesting to read. There were times where I wasn’t sure who was on what side and what might happen next, but I enjoyed the concept and Patterson taking a risk with a new style to share with his faithful readers.

Every loyal Patterson fan should read and the more science fiction and futuristic readers should check it out as well.

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One response to “REVIEW: Toys

  1. Ann

    I stopped reading favorite authors who write “with” someone. It usually means the other author wrote the book and the well known author put their name on it. I had lots of disappointments with the Clive Cussler books and some of Janet Evanovich too.

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