2011 Unfinished Challenges

I left more challenges unfinished this year than I actually finished, but the reading this year was different than in past years. I’m going to have a hard time choosing challenges this year to make the most of it. Still had fun though!

2011 11 in 11 Reading Challenge
This is always my favorite challenge and I’m hesitant to do a 12 in 12 since I couldn’t even finish this but it’s still so much fun to read within different categories.  I’ll definitely be doing something similar this year so I guess I need to figure it out this year.

2011 TBR Challenge
Shy by two books … I’m definitely doing this one again this year, I’m just going to choose books I know I really want to read this year. Plus, I read more alternatives than the original list so I think I need to go for books I’m more interested in right now.

2011 A-Z Reading Challenge
I still keep doing this challenge year after year even though I never finish it, but it still is so much fun I can’t not continue. I was shy by 10 books, 5 on each list, this year. Not bad since I managed to get some of the harder letters this year.

2011 Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge
Didn’t do too good trying to finish up this challenge. Only one book read. There are lots of interesting ones on the list but I guess there were so many other good ones I wanted to read. I haven’t officially decided if I want to join this one for 2012.

2011 Off the Shelf Challenge
I thought I would have read more for this, but I guess I read more books that were recent purchases or borrowed/library books. One of my goals for 2012 is to read more books off my shelf so I’m sure I’ll be joining some form of this challenge this coming year.

Nancy Drew Challenge
I extended this one from 2010 to 2011 but I think I Nancy Drew’d myself out for a bit reading so many books back to back. I’m going to continue reading the books but not under a specific challenge.

Shakespeare Challenge
Definitely do good on this one. I went to a few plays but didn’t get to reading any of the plays. Maybe this year I’ll get through some more of them.

Series 5 Challenge
Still love this challenge, just overdid it a bit for 2011. I plan on finishing off these challenges in 2012 and then some. I know there are a few series options for challenges out there for 2012 so I’ll be joining on of them for sure.


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